Himalayan Gazes

Pubblicato: 1 settembre 2014 in Arte e Cultura
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Kathmandu 15/16 August,

“Cafè Electric Pagoda”, Thamel, Ktm


First Nepali meeting on Himalayan tribal arts and comparison with western “gazes”

For the first time in Nepal, this event brings together some of the most important exponents of the market of Himalayan Tribal Arts: Shiva Bhandari, Suman Raj, Bishnu Shrestha, Raju Shrestha, Ram Bohora, Sitaram Bajgayn. This is an attempt to propose an aesthetic and qualitative common ground and a more defined stylistic identity of Himalayan Tribal Arts. For this event, every dealer has selected some representative artworks in order to construct the typical Himalayan tribal aesthetics, which is still widely unknown to the western world. The “Himalayan gaze” has been crossed with the western world that looks, whose gaze on the Himalaya has been represented through the unique and original exhibition of the Italian artists Filippo Biagioli (with ritual cloths) and Enzo Mordacci (with paintings on paper), who are the protagonists of a new European tribal vision. In representation of the Himalayan area, the exhibition offers masks from different areas of Nepal, Phurba (ritual daggers) and, most importantly, wooden sculptures with different and interesting patinas, depending on their original location.

Curator and creator of the event: Dr. Andrea Mordacci, scholar of tribal arts. This convention in August 2014 will be followed by the organization of the first international exhibition in Nepal of Himalayan tribal arts in spring/summer 2015.

Photo courtesy: Ravee Maharjan

Thanks for the translations to: Alice Borchi (English, Spanish and French), Kayoko Ichikawa (Japanese) and Anna Roh (Korean).




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